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CISP Ebooks offer


Cambridge International Science Publishing (CISP) publishes high-end books on physics, materials science, chemistry, engineering, applied mathematics and earth sciences. We have also co-published books with Elsevier and Taylor & Francis. Some of the titles included in this offer are:

Physics of galactic disks

Fundamentals of cosmic particle physics

Plasma technology and equipment in metallurgy and casting

Physics of solid state lasers

Computational materials science of polymers

Correlated photons and their applications

English–Spanish dictionary of plant biology

Martensitic transformations

Economic dynamics in a changing world


The details of these titles and the tables of contents can be viewed on our website www.cisp-publishing.com.

To make sure that the CISP ebooks are also in your library, we would like to offer you this special package. You can purchase the entire CISP ebooks publishing programme (with unlimited printing by your readers) for only £490.00 ($735). This offer includes 94 ebooks listed HERE. The total price of these ebooks is over £5000 ($7250), so the saving is huge.

The main features of this offer are:

1. You would rec
eive a DVD with the titles in the PDF format which can be directly uploaded to your library system; the file includes the cover, the table of contents

2. Unlimited printing which would be greatly appreciated by your readers

3. 50% reduction for future titles

You can order this collection on our website www.cisp-publishing (CISP ebooks collection) or by email to ver@cisp-publishing.com. Payment can be made by cheque, credit cards, PayPal or bank transfer.

We think the CISP ebooks collection would represent a significant addition to your ebooks library. We hope to hear from you soon.